Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes the world is pleasant.

An email I received several weeks ago from a former stranger:

i know it must be strange just hearing it randomly. but i really do mean it. if i were to build a perfect woman, it would be you head to toe including personality (from what i gathered from your info). haha, i told my fiance, and he got jealous.

i'm originally from poland (i was born in poznan which isn't too far from the german border), and i go back occasionally to visit family. i would love to shoot with you sometime in the future. if i make any plans to head to europe in the next coming months, i'd really like to plan something with you. until then, i wish you the best of everything in all you do.


Tonight I wrote her back:

Dear Hanna;

It's taking me a bit to respond. A message like your's deserves thought which requires time. I wanted to write you when I had a moment to myself.

I am sitting in an empty kitchen in Wayne PA. I am all alone and sipping lukewarm tea. I'm happy I have moments like this to reflect.

Your email was so generous and I want you to know how much I appreciate you looking further than the obvious. People see what they want and it's never the truth. It's hard to communicate through images, I am trying and I am so happy when I meet others who are making the same attempt.

With love and thought,

The world isn't always about to blow up.

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