Monday, November 3, 2008

My Love for America and Catholicism.

I am soon heading to the United States (13 days from today).

To New York City, my former home containing many of my favorite buildings and a sense of history that separates itself so distantly from the rest of the country. I fear I may never live there again, tomorrow's election makes that decision for me.

I believe in tradition and American values, and I'm seeing my birthplace crumble. It's devastating and easy to detect. I am a conservative, a party that no longer exists in the United States. I'm no where, existing between the religious right and the liberal left.

I lack belief but support the church. On my trip back to NYC I will be spending as much time as possible at St. John's Divine, the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. St John's contains one of the largest pipe organs in Northern America. I truly believe any atheist is capable of entering that building and weeping. The Catholic church holds some of the most beautiful traditions I've ever experienced. Ceremonies unlike any other branch of the Christian religion. I believe in the church but not the god.

If Obama looses it means I have lost all faith in the American people. Once hard working people who created the soil they walked on. I'm shaking my head in hopes I'm proved wrong.

Please vote, especially you Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

Don't fuck up America, the world is watching.


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kabloona said...

Interesting. I am a Catholic but a believer. You're on my watch list on DeviantArt (I am kabloona). I live in NJ but have been to St. John Divine.