Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I guess I'm your inspiration to vomit.

Yesterday I was sent an email from a close friend from LA. She sent me a link to a youtube video about "thinsporation" which means "inspiration to be thin" which means "reasons to begin, continue or increase being anorexic". The video was a bunch of black and white pictures of thin models with pouty faces and bones sticking out everywhere with a sappy boy/girl harmony playing in the background.

Among the pictures of thin models was......... me!

What an honor!

This has been a topic of discussion in my life for quite some time, specially since I began being photographed. I brought up the topic in another blog of mine:

"Sadly when joining today I received numerous comments about my weight and one very shaky email asking me not to promote anorexia on this site. I wanted to share my thoughts with you about this:

What if I were? Would angry emails help cure the disease? Or are your intentions somewhere else, to deepen the problem. Please put thought into your words, don't allow the internet to be a vessel for your anger. Be cautious, please.

Luckily I'm not. I have always been very thin, as a former vegan I was 10 lbs lighter than I am currently. I am pescatarian, I have never driven a car and I walk miles each day. I drink numerous cups of green tea throughout the day and eat a diet of wholefoods. I am healthy. I have prominent bone structure. I am thin and I enjoy communicating with the flesh I have. Please don't mistake the above with a disease."

I'm still surprised people associate my body type with that disease, or any disease actually. I just want to repeat that no, I am not sick and have never been anorexic. I have breasts and curves and hair and healthy skin and all of the signs of good health!

However if you are suffering from the disorder please help yourself by going here:

Also please note the amount of manipulation that goes into the images appearing in fashion magazines. Many models aren't healthy due to the stress of maintaining a frail frame. As a result of being malnourished some suffer from depression, hair loss and worst of all a short life spam.

On that note, eat well.



PS. I have large ribs which is most likely why I was used for "thinspiration".

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Simon Fleming said...

Well written. Nice work by the way. Beautiful and engaging. Do you get to have a say in the photographers that work with you? Or does experience weed out the poor ones after the fact. I would imagine that the final product has to be a positive collaboration between model and photographer. Otherwise it would show in the images. Sorry just thinking out loud. Thank you for your blog, it was thoughtful reading.